Addressing fiduciary challenges
Mutual fund directors face mounting fiduciary challenges and increased scrutiny from the SEC. Simply reviewing performance data and fees is no longer enough. Today, mutual fund directors are seeking deeper analysis and comparisons that evaluate their fund policies for industry best practices. Our Board Consulting Services provide the in-depth, third-party perspective needed to help meet these challenges during the advisory contract renewal process.

Paul Ellenbogen, our director of board consulting, recently wrote an article for Morningstar magazine that discusses a new way of looking at fund fees and how they are reported and presented to investors. 
A consultative approach
Our Board Consulting team works with mutual fund directors from start to finish. We lead the process through planning meetings, rigorous peer group analysis, and presentation of the final report. When creating our reports, we leverage the data and design capabilities of Morningstar, Inc., a trusted name in independent investment research. We also provide ongoing support for your mutual fund directors to ensure that no questions go unanswered.
Independent data and research
Our investment professionals can evaluate and monitor the performance, style consistency, and expenses of any fund in your series by pairing the Morningstar Investment Management group's award-winning research with Morningstar, Inc.’s proprietary database. One of the largest in the industry, this database features extensive coverage of registered funds under the Investment Company Act of 1940, including open-end mutual funds, variable insurance trusts, exchange-traded funds, and closed-end funds.
Accurate peer comparisons
When constructing peer groups, our investment experts select truly comparable funds based on our analysis of actual portfolio holdings, investment strategies, and portfolio managers. We then deliver this information in an easy-to-read, full-color report to help your mutual fund directors address key issues.
In-person presentations
Our experienced investment professionals will present our findings to your mutual fund directors, covering a macroeconomic overview, investment style, expense comparisons, and any additional custom requests.

Please join us for Risk, Reward, and Regulation, a one-day program presented by the Mutual Fund Directors Forum and Morningstar on October 7 in Chicago. At this conference, you’ll have the opportunity to network with industry peers and meet the Morningstar team. 
Learn more and request a sample report
To find out more about how our objective insights can help your mutual fund directors throughout the advisory contract renewal process, contact Paul Ellenbogen, at +1 312 384-4091.

For a tailored sample report, please email Paul your name, company name, your role in the advisory contract renewal process, and the names or tickers of the sample funds you would like included in the report.

You can also read an article by Paul Ellenbogen that appeared in Practical Compliance & Risk Management for the Securities Industry on the larger implications of the Morgan Keegan case for fund directors and other fiduciaries. 
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