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Sample Reports
Flexible report integration options give advisors more ways to access key analysis. Several possibilities are available for report creation, including generating PDFs directly within a proprietary tool or site, or displaying calculated data and statistics via web services or XML from Morningstar. Users can also create custom reports to incorporate proprietary data points and methodology. Here are some of Morningstar’s most popular standard reports:
Hypothetical Portfolio Illustration
Demonstrates how a portfolio would have performed based on a specific investment schedule, advisor fees, and taxes. Shows how each security within the portfolio contributes to the overall performance of the portfolio.
Fund Cost Comparison—Hypothetical Analysis
Compares the costs of up to four funds, side-by-side.
Multiple Comparison Report
Displays the security lineup in groups of five funds side-by-side to compare and contrast performance, portfolio holding, and operations details. Use this report to recommend new investment strategies by illustrating key differences of one fund versus another.
Mutual Fund Detail
Highlights key performance, investment style, portfolio, and operations information in a single-page, FINRA-reviewed format.
Portfolio Comparison
Details the differences in stock and bond exposures between investments in selected portfolios.
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