Morningstar® Enterprise Components
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Sample Reports
Flexible report integration options give advisors more ways to access key analysis. Several possibilities are available for report creation, including generating PDFs directly within a proprietary tool or site, or displaying calculated data and statistics via web services or XML from Morningstar. Users can also create custom reports to incorporate proprietary data points and methodology. Here are some of Morningstar’s most popular standard reports:
Portfolio Snapshot™
Provides an in-depth synopsis of the client's portfolio with asset class and investment style breakdowns, performance information, and top holdings.
Portfolio X-Ray® Report
Scans an entire portfolio to create a comprehensive picture of the portfolio’s underlying holdings, overall sector exposure, and overall investment style.
Share Class Comparison—Hypothetical Analysis
Identifies the most appropriate share class based on purchase information.
Stock Detail
Presents proprietary Morningstar Stock Grades for profitability, growth, and financial health with the Morningstar Fair Value Estimate.
Stock Intersection
Identifies cumulative exposure to individual equities based on stock and underlying holdings of the managed products in the portfolio. Reviews the top 15 holdings in a portfolio to identify its overall weighting in a particular security or sector.
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