Morningstar Direct
Our institutional investment analysis platform.
Sample Reports
Morningstar Rating™ Analysis
Helps users understand the star rating of an investment by deconstructing the calculation and looking at individual drivers. Evaluate historical changes in the rating, create rating projections, and conduct competitive analysis relative to other investments.
Investment Summary
Recaps an investment’s fundamental characteristics in a one-page PDF report.
Hedge Fund Summary Report
Recaps an investment’s fundamental characteristics in a one-page PDF report.
Morningstar Investment Report
Illustrates qualitative and quantitative information on a single investment. For open-end, closed-end, and exchange-traded funds, provides access to detailed portfolio, performance, and operations analysis.
Equity Investment Report
Contains comprehensive qualitative and quantitative analysis of a stock. Includes analyst commentary, as well as financial statement, valuation, and ownership data.
Holdings Comparison
Compares underlying holdings of two investments to identify common and unique holdings. Use for plan construction and competitive analysis.
Morningstar Market Commentary
Offers quarterly analyst commentary on the economy, markets, and fund categories, including sector and industry performance and trends. Examine Morningstar® Indexes, Morningstar Style Box™ benchmarks, and performance of fund categories relative to those benchmarks.
Separate Account Comprehensive Report
Tailored to the needs of the separate account investment, this multi-page report provides access to detailed performance, risk, portfolio, and operations analysis as well as narratives by the management firm.
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