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InstructionsNote: Be sure to follow your organization’s protocol for
executing downloads and check with your IT department for download/administrative rights if necessary.

Before downloading, please review these installation procedures.
Verify your system meets the minimum technical requirements. 

1. Click the Morningstar Direct Application link above to download.

2. You will be prompted to download a 100MB application file called morningstardirectsetup.exe. Click Save to save the file to a hard disk where there is at least 500MB of free space. (Alternatively, you can click Open to open the file in the default temporary directory if you have plenty of hard-disk space).

3. After the file has been downloaded, click Open or go to the location you saved it to and double-click the morningstardirectsetup.exe file.

4. If you have an older version of Morningstar Direct on your machine, a message will appear during the installation asking whether you want to uninstall the older version. It is recommended that you click Yes to uninstall the older version.

5. During the process a screen will appear asking you where you want to install Morningstar Direct–i.e., a destination folder. You will need at least 500MB in the destination folder.

6. After the installation process has completed, you can start Morningstar Direct either from the icon on your desktop or the start menu.
Problems Downloading?In the event you are not able to download executable files, please review the alternative installation procedures.
Questions?Please contact Product Support for assistance.

United States: +1 866 229-0216
Asia (excluding mainland China): +852 2973 4633
Australia: +61 2 9276 4445 or +61 414 819 354
Canada: +1 866 229 0216
China: +86 755 8826 3088
Europe: +44 20 3107 0020

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