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Academic institutions bring Morningstar Direct into the classroom to incorporate real-world training within their curriculum. Professors can provide students access to this platform to prepare them for the realities they will encounter in the workforce as professional portfolio managers or financial researchers. Students who use Morningstar Direct gain experience with institutional data and various research methods. They can learn the product quickly by taking advantage of our product certification program. Educators can also reference Morningstar Direct’s data and analytics while conducting their own academic research.
What you can do:
Support student-run funds
Research hundreds of thousands of investments
Import holdings and follow investment strategies
Run client portfolio or fund-of-funds simulations
Create investment fact sheets
Build templates for equity analysis
Morningstar Direct quickly connects students with consistent data on a variety of investment types, including equities, to help them implement portfolio strategies. Historical portfolio holdings and performance data offers a view into managed investment strategies, while analyst research reports on stocks and funds provide additional depth. Classes can import their holdings and track their fund’s position over time on the Morningstar Style Box™ to understand different investment strategies. Performance attribution analysis shows students how professionals explain the results of their investment decisions. Presentation Studio helps students create fact sheets for their investments or build standard templates for equity analysis. Morningstar Direct’s aggregate functionality allows students to run client portfolio and fund-of-funds simulations.

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Conduct academic research
Get survivorship-bias-free data for a variety of investments
Study holdings and performance data
Perform customized calculations
Export data for additional analysis or presentations
Access extensive index and capital markets data
Choose from multiple optimization methods
Morningstar Direct makes it easy for professors to access vast current and historical data on a full range of investments including hedge funds, separate accounts, exchange-traded funds, and more. When available, this data includes merged and liquidated investments to provide a more accurate, survivorship-bias-free view of performance. Morningstar Direct includes rigorous analytical tools and extensive opportunities for professors to customize parameters such as peer groups, calculations, benchmarks, and more. Research results and data can be quickly exported into Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations, customizable PDF reports, or Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets for additional analysis. Extensive index and capital markets data is also available for asset allocation studies. A choice of optimization methods allows professors to use non-normal distribution assumptions, as well as different metrics such as the geometric mean and the conditional value at risk model (CVaR).

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