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Morningstar Direct for Product and Business Development Groups at Asset Management Firms
Morningstar Direct helps product and business development groups at asset management firms streamline the process of developing new investments and positioning existing products. It unites data with rigorous analytics in a global investment analysis platform that can quickly uncover a product’s competitive advantages. Morningstar Direct’s extensive analytics include performance attribution, asset flows, productivity features, and a tool that makes it easy to create and distribute customizable reports and presentations that reflect a firm’s brand.
What you can do:
Create, manage, and promote products
Identify investment strategies attracting inflows
Determine the market share of existing products
Conduct competitive research to differentiate new investments
Evaluate and report a fund's performance
Asset management firms use Morningstar Direct for every aspect of the product cycle. They use it for competitive analysis when creating products—searching for trends within the market by reviewing asset flows or determining the differences between competitive products in customizable peer groups. They use Morningstar Direct to manage existing products, including monitoring and reporting their performance internally. And they use it to promote products with support from attribution analysis, peer analysis, and more to educate investors about the benefits of their investments.

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Develop and distribute customized communications
Produce branded pitchbooks and fact sheets
Distribute pre-approved templates instantly across wholesaling groups
Morningstar Direct makes the link between research and reporting seamless. Versatile reporting options allow professionals at asset management firms to present ideas in highly customized materials that reflect the firm’s brand. Easy-to-use tools with libraries of professionally designed graphics help them quickly build materials ranging from fact sheets for individual investments to complete pitchbooks. An optional on-demand publishing feature helps asset management firms make sure their sales groups, wholesalers, and other teams can log in for instant access to the same, up-to-date product communications created and customized at the firm level.

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