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Morningstar Direct for Consultants, Pensions, Endowments, and Foundations
Investment consultants, as well as pensions, endowments, and foundations, implement portfolio strategies using Morningstar Direct. The global investment analysis platform streamlines the due diligence, portfolio construction, and reporting processes by offering access to insightful content and data for a full range of institutional investments. Rigorous analytics including asset allocation, attribution, and peer analysis provide insight, while Morningstar Direct’s reporting makes it easy to communicate investment information in powerful, customized reports and presentations.
What you can do:
Select appropriate managers
Review data and research for a variety of investment types and managers
Create dynamic, rules-based peer groups
Explain manager performance with attribution analysis
Access industry investment filings
Morningstar Direct supports the manager selection process with data on investments including separate accounts, closed-end funds, and hedge funds. Analyst commentaries lend additional qualitative insights for investments of interest. Morningstar Direct offers opportunities for consultants to tailor their research based on internal processes. Investment professionals can create dynamic, rules-based peer groups and scoring systems to identify best-in-class investments that support their select lists. Consultants can run their own performance attribution analyses to break down a manager’s results and discover the key contributors on an investment team. While conducting operational due diligence, investment professionals can access industry filings, as well as detailed fee and operational data. When their research is complete, consultants can save private notes on certain investments to share with their teams.

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Implement and monitor portfolios
Develop and adapt asset allocation policies
Import or aggregate data to track portfolio strategies
Identify which investments hold specific stocks
Determine the value of investment decisions with attribution analysis
Create customized reports
Consultants can use Morningstar Direct to create and optimize asset allocation strategies through a choice of methods to simulate the probability of loss and returns. Consultants can also import their own data to track portfolio strategies versus different benchmarks. Back-office integration allows for real-time portfolio analysis via streaming news on portfolio holdings, market data, and more. Portfolio-level analysis featuring holdings helps demonstrate exposure to risk by evaluating diversification and investment overlap. Total portfolio attribution examines how asset allocation decisions and manager selection contributed to a portfolio’s performance. Non-skill-based measures such as fees are kept separate, making it possible to evaluate skill-based decisions relative to fees. Using Morningstar Direct, investment professionals can create reporting templates and schedule batch reports to make quarterly board reviews more efficient.

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