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Morningstar Direct for Wealth Managers
Morningstar Direct streamlines investment research, portfolio construction, and client communication for professionals who manage high-net-worth portfolios at trust companies, family offices, wealth management departments, and private banks. It unites a full range of institutional investment data with independent research and rigorous analytics including asset allocation, attribution, and peer analysis. Morningstar Direct makes it easy to create customized reports and presentations that resonate with clients and reflect a firm’s brand.
What you can do:
Select appropriate investments
Review data and research for a variety of investment types
Access industry investment filings
Create dynamic, rules-based peer groups
Understand manager performance with attribution analysis
Morningstar Direct supports the research process with data on investments including separate accounts, exchange-traded funds, and hedge funds, along with qualitative insights from equity, credit, and fund analysts. Wealth managers can create dynamic, rules-based peer groups and scoring systems to identify best-in-class investments for client portfolios. Wealth managers can evaluate a manager’s style consistency from both a holdings-based and returns-based perspective. They can also run performance attribution analysis to determine what led to a manager’s results.

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Implement and monitor client portfolios
Develop and adapt asset allocation policies
Import or aggregate data to track client portfolios
Identify which investments hold specific stocks
Create customized reports for clients
Wealth managers can use Morningstar Direct to create and optimize asset allocation strategies through a choice of methods to simulate the probability of loss and returns. Wealth managers can also import their own data to track client portfolio strategies versus different benchmarks. Portfolio-level analysis featuring holdings helps demonstrate a client’s true risk exposure by evaluating diversification and investment overlap. Real-time market data helps wealth managers monitor the markets. Ownership analyses are available to quickly identify which of their clients’ investments might be affected by sudden changes in a stock’s value. Using seamless reporting options, they can efficiently send clients periodic updates and recommendations.

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