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Flexible investment research and portfolio management software.
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Presentations & Education
20+ Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations offer hundreds of slides on relevant investment topics for use in client meetings and seminars
Every slide includes Speaker Notes to help explain its analysis during presentations
Each presentation can be personalized with the speaker’s name and company branding
White papers cover investment trends and research topics
Sales Ideas\marketing handouts help advisors generate new business
Additional content updates throughout the year so advisors can address current financial issues
All presentation materials are FINRA-reviewed for use with clients
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The Morningstar® Principia® Presentations & Education library encompasses a collection of communication resources designed to assist advisors during a variety of client interactions. Specialized Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations introduce time-tested investment principles and visually depict market trends. This all-in-one marketing tool is the simplest way for advisors to discuss today’s most pressing financial topics, set appropriate investment expectations, and keep their brand top-of-mind with clients and prospects.
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