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The Morningstar Sector Index family consists of 14 indexes—three Super Sector and 11 Sector indexes—that track the U.S. equity market using a comprehensive, non-overlapping structure.
Each company in the Morningstar® US Market Index is assigned to one of 148 Morningstar Industries based on the firm’s largest sources of revenue and income. The Industries roll up into 69 Industry Groups based on their market characteristics. Industry Groups fold into one of 11 Sectors. The Sectors finally roll up to one of three major economic spheres, or Super Sectors. The Super Sectors indicate the degree to which macro-economic cycles affect sector groups.

The result is a unified hierarchical system that allows investors to easily evaluate the similarities and differences of funds and portfolios by comparing exposure to the three Super Sectors, while also permitting further examination of holdings at a sector and industry level.
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