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The Morningstar® Sector Index family tracks the activity of the equity market in the United States by isolating the performance of stocks by Morningstar Sector and Super Sectors. Morningstar’s sector classification system maps the equity universe through a consumption-based view of economic sectors. Our Sector Indexes help investors evaluate portfolios by determining how their equity exposure falls within our three Super Sectors, while identifying where other holdings fit at a sector and industry level.
About Morningstar Sectors
Morningstar Sectors are our unique classifications that mimic the way economies evolve from dependence on producing physical products to delivering services. Unlike other classification systems, we offer Super Sectors to identify companies based on their broad economic spheres—Consumer Defensive, Cyclical, and Sensitive. These reveal the degree to which macro-economic cycles affect sector groups. We also classify real estate and financial services as separate sectors to reflect their distinct qualities.

Each company in the Morningstar® US Market Index is assigned to a Morningstar Industry based on the company’s largest sources of revenue and income. According to their market characteristics, the Industries fall into Industry Groups, which fold into Sectors. At the highest level, the Sectors roll into one of three Super Sectors.
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