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Variable Annuities/Life Advanced
All features available in the Variable Annuities/Life module, plus:
Suitability Manager tool designed to facilitate client communication and document your due-diligence in VA exchange (1035 exchange) and new sales situations
80+ additional policy data points, including standardized descriptions of living and death benefit guarantees and associated fees
Historical policy-level information that will help you pinpoint trends in the insurance market
Policy Comparison report for simple evaluations of up to four policies on eight types of contract features including policy benefits, fees and expenses, and investment options
Complete subaccount listings with the Morningstar Rating™, non-standardized returns, and detailed expense breakdowns
Investment Policy Statement generator
FINRA-reviewed policy reports with comprehensive listings of associated subaccounts
Monthly electronic delivery updates
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This module offers greater coverage of contract features, including living and death benefits. It simplifies policy comparisons with standardized descriptions, common policy terminology, and prospectus summaries.
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