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Morningstar® Fixed-Income Indexes
We created the Morningstar® Fixed-Income Index family to fill a critical void of data and bring unprecedented transparency to the world’s bond markets. Our indexes cover all aspects of the global fixed-income market by sector and maturity range. Designed to offer a passive replication of active management strategies, our fixed-income indexes strike a balance that remains broad enough to reveal a true picture of market trends and conditions, yet we focus on liquid issues only. Our high minimum liquidity threshold for individual bonds keeps our bond indexes fully investible and easily manageable.
Portfolio-friendly design
We designed our fixed-income indexes to provide tools for better portfolio construction. Our indexes feature a clear and self-evident hierarchy with a non-overlapping structure. This makes them ideal for performance benchmarking, as discrete portfolio building blocks, and in asset allocation models. Morningstar’s fixed-income indexes are also distinguished by their range of performance, sector, and risk analytics, available to help investors avoid concentration risk and achieve intended portfolio diversification.
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