Morningstar® Annuity Intelligence
Simplified variable annuity analysis.
Annuity Research Center
VA Expense Analyzer
Formerly VARDS Online, the Morningstar® Annuity Research Center provides insurance companies and asset management firms with data and applications for conducting competitive analysis, informing product development, and supporting sales initiatives. It combines Morningstar’s contract and benefit data with broad sales data to deliver a robust research solution to help product distributors understand the annuity market and identify trends.
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Technical Requirements
Key Features
In-depth data on annuity sales, assets under management, and cash flow
Detailed contract and benefit information
Holdings-level data on variable annuity underlying funds
Access to prospectus data
Historical data back to 1999
Detailed breakdown of sales flows by distribution channel and share class
Comparisons of up to three annuity contracts
Summary reports for presenting recommendations
Quarterly executive summary report
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