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Clients & Portfolios Module
The Clients & Portfolios Module in Morningstar® Advisor Workstation is the central hub where advisors stay on top of client information. All the tools to import, analyze, build, and monitor client portfolios are accessible in one place that advisors can adapt to suit their needs. After easily importing client data from popular third-party advisor platforms, they can conduct in-depth portfolio analysis on screen. Sharing results is easy, either with co-workers or with clients via one of many FINRA-reviewed reports.
What you can do:
Import client holdings
Access client holdings from popular advisor platforms
Eliminate manual data entry
Group imported portfolios together
Keep client portfolio information current
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Advisor Workstation gives advisors the most current view of client portfolios. It automatically pulls in client and account data from popular third-party portfolio accounting and planning platforms such as Albridge® Solutions, National Financial’s Streetscape®, and Pershing’s NetX360™. A householding feature allows advisors to group and organize imported portfolios that belong together. Less data entry means advisors can spend more time developing recommendations and serving clients.

See which advisor platforms are integrated
Work collaboratively with colleagues
Share client files with co-workers
Set permissions for viewing and editing work
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For efficiency, multiple Advisor Workstation subscribers within a firm can access and maintain the same client files. File sharing capabilities make it possible to set permission controls for specific users, giving them the rights to either view or edit client data, portfolios, hypothetical illustrations, models, investment searches, and investment lists. Any file saved in Advisor Workstation can also be shared, within one team or across multiple offices.
Conduct in-depth portfolio analysis
Choose from multiple on-screen views of a client’s portfolio
Analyze portfolios using on-screen tools
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In the Clients & Portfolios module, advisors can display their clients’ portfolio data in a number of ways. These views, which illustrate client data in charts and graphs, can also be personalized and saved for future use. A variety of tools help advisors evaluate a portfolio’s composition at a glance, including its asset allocation, represented sectors, style, and individual holdings. Advisors can make security changes and assess the results immediately.
Communicate with clients
Explain diversification and risk with the Portfolio Snapshot™ report
Identify overexposed securities or sectors in the Stock Intersection report
Expose imbalances and overlap in the Portfolio X-Ray® Report
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Clients recognize the Morningstar name and value the easy-to-understand analysis they find in our reports. A full range of FINRA-reviewed reports are available in Advisor Workstation to help investors understand proposed changes and how they fit with their current holdings. Portfolio Snapshot, one of the industry’s most recognized reports, presents a comprehensive picture of a portfolio’s key aspects including asset allocation, style diversification, sector weightings, and performance. Stock Intersection compiles the underlying holdings of each of the positions in a client’s portfolio to determine actual exposure to individual stocks. And Portfolio X-Ray summarizes the underlying holdings, sector exposure, and investment style of a portfolio.

View frequently used sample reports  
Monitor client portfolios
Set customizable alerts
Search for clients based on specific criteria
Support quarterly client reviews
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Alerts keep advisors on top of any changes within their practice, inspiring them to take immediate action when necessary to preserve their clients’ wealth. Customizable by type, frequency, or threshold, these alerts can be set for individual securities, client portfolios, or the entire practice. They help advisors keep up-to-date on changes to an investment’s Morningstar Rating™, style, performance, or management. On the Advisor Workstation home page, Analyst Alerts inform when Morningstar analysts update their reports on stocks, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Advisors can also search their entire practice to filter clients by key criteria such as those with more than $1 million in assets or who live in a certain ZIP code. Alerts help advisors stay on top of quarterly client reviews, while Advisor Workstation’s reports make it simple to give clients an up-to-date view of their portfolios.
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