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Research Module
The Research Module in Morningstar® Advisor
Workstation taps into Morningstar’s extensive investment database, making trusted data available through its intuitive screening tools and client-ready reports. When conducting fundamental research, advisors can search timely, industry-leading data for the investments they need to best serve their clients. Criteria-based filters identify securities in search results, which can be saved, exported into select lists, or shared with colleagues. Advisors can also generate customized packets of research materials to give to clients.
What you can do:
Access timely data for a full range of investments
Closed-end funds
Collective investment trusts
Exchange-traded funds
Hedge funds
Insurance group separate accounts
Market indexes
Offshore funds
Open-end funds
Preferred stocks
Separate accounts
Unit investment trusts
Variable annuities/life (contract and subaccount)
529 college savings plans
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Morningstar maintains one of the largest investment databases in the industry, collecting data directly from primary sources and running it through extensive checks for accuracy. Working with the premier provider of fixed-income securities, Interactive Data Corporation, also allows us access to the industry’s best bond information. All of this data is available in Advisor Workstation to support advisor research, bringing transparency to both registered and unregistered investments. For benchmarking those investments, Advisor Workstation offers access to 25,000+ market indexes.
Screen different investment types simultaneously
Search all securities at once
View 100 search results at a time
Customize spreadsheet views and save for future use
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Not only does Advisor Workstation offer access to extensive investment data, it makes it easier to screen this data to find the investments that meet client objectives. Advisors can search for certain criteria across all the securities in Morningstar’s database, or they can include all universes in one search. Results are displayed in an adjustable format, with as many as 100 visible and with the capability to drag and drop columns to display them as desired in the spreadsheet view.
Build and manage select investment lists
Save the results of multi-universe searches
Export data into Microsoft® Excel®
Share files with colleagues who use Advisor Workstation
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Search criteria can be saved and applied to future research, as well as the multi-universe investment lists that result from screens. Advisors can create or update select investment lists based on their research, with the option to export the data they find to Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet applications. Any advisor in the firm who uses Advisor Workstation can access these select lists through file sharing capabilities and permissions to view or edit both searches and the lists.
Generate customized client reports
Produce FINRA-reviewed investment reports
Create customized report packets with Security Report Builder
Adjust font sizes as needed
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Report options in Advisor Workstation make it easy to distill the most essential information into FINRA-reviewed reports that are easy for clients to understand. With Security Report Builder, advisors can create customized, multi-security research reports from standard components such as Investment Detail™ reports, graphs, underlying holdings, and an optional cover page. Some reports feature adjustable font sizes so advisors can tailor their materials based on a client’s preferences.

View frequently used sample reports  
Determine the most appropriate share class for clients
Compare the costs of different mutual fund share classes
Illustrate cost scenarios
Produce fee analysis reports for investors
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The Share Class Cost Comparison tool helps advisors determine the most appropriate share class for clients, based on their time horizon and breakpoint opportunities. Access to comprehensive mutual fund data saves advisors time spent researching investments and reviewing prospectus rules. Using the tool, advisors can generate a PDF report for clients featuring a hypothetical view of the expenses associated with each share class of a particular fund.
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