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Morningstar offers a variety of options that help investment professionals communicate investment information in powerful reports and presentations customized to meet their business needs. Through Morningstar Direct and other services, we’re experts at integrating not only Morningstar data and content with these communications, but also private information, unregistered investments, and derivative calculations. Clients have as much control over these communications as they like, ranging from creating them in Morningstar Direct to outsourcing their production and distribution to us.
What you can do:
Create investment fact sheets
Produce custom fact sheets using Morningstar Direct
Outsource fact sheet production to Morningstar
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For years Morningstar has provided institutional clients with concise, investor-ready fact sheets that leverage our data, research, and design expertise. We also help firms create their own fact sheets using Presentation Studio in Morningstar Direct, giving them the power to produce personalized, easy-to-update documents. Firms can also outsource their fact sheet production to Morningstar through our Investment Profiles service. We consult with each client to meet their communication needs, whether it’s a white-labeled solution, custom-designed template, or a Morningstar-branded option—delivered in their format of choice.

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Develop custom pitchbooks
Design or adapt pitchbook templates in Morningstar Direct
Tailor the content and branding
Distribute pitchbooks anywhere via the web-based Report Portal
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Morningstar Direct makes it easy for business development teams and product managers to quickly craft custom sales materials and respond to prospects. With the Presentation Studio feature, users can design their own pitchbooks that integrate investment data and analysis completed in Morningstar Direct. Starting with professionally designed templates, they can adapt each pitchbook with firm-specific content and branding. Firms can deliver approved pitchbooks and templates to salespeople in the field through our optional Report Portal, where users can log in anytime to access current presentations.
Produce plan review reports and books
Save time while effectively communicating the status of investment lineups
Streamline quarterly updates with batch reporting
Distribute updated plan review reports and books firm-wide
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For plan sponsors and consultants, Morningstar Direct simplifies the labor-intensive process of creating, updating, and delivering plan review reports with current data. Lineup reports that once took weeks to complete can now be completed in a few days. Users can set up and manage both individual reports and plan review books for one lineup or many. Flexible templates in Morningstar Direct’s Presentation Studio allow users to apply their own branding, as well as adjust report criteria such as peer groups, benchmarks, time frames, ranking methodologies, and more for each investment in the lineup. Through the optional Report Portal, firms can make the most current reports always available online to everyone on a team, who can log in to access them from anywhere.

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