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Asset Allocation
Use efficient frontier curves to explore and determine the most suitable risk and return combination
Choose between holdings-based or returns-based style analysis
Allocate portfolios between 13 different asset classes, including REITS and commodities
Create your own custom asset classes
Demonstrate the probability of various investment outcomes using Monte Carlo simulations
Determine the best allocation strategy using in-depth portfolio comparisons
Account for factors such as inflation, taxes, or ongoing savings and their impacts on a client’s ending wealth level
Analyze taxable and tax-deferred portfolios for long-term impact
Print full-color reports to help clients understand their personalized asset allocation and investment recommendations
Save time by directly importing client portfolios from Morningstar® Principia®
Integrate with Principia's research modules (mutual funds, stocks, variable annuities/life subaccounts, and closed-end funds)
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With Principia’s Asset Allocation module, you can determine the asset mix most likely to achieve the highest return for a given risk level and use that information to build better portfolios for your clients. Assess the best investment choices available for clients by performing in-depth portfolio comparisons. Efficient frontier graphing and Monte Carlo wealth forecasting help create individualized asset allocation strategies based on a client’s risk tolerance, current assets, future needs, and other factors. Use compelling customized reports to present your investment plans to clients.
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