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Mutual fund workbooks.
The Morningstar Investing Workbook Series is a valuable asset for any investor's library. The first three titles in this series of straightforward workbooks offer self-paced lessons on finding the right mutual funds, fund portfolio diversification, and maximizing returns. These workbooks start with the basics and progress gradually so that you can learn at any pace, at any time, and build your own reference library of investing know-how.
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Key Features
Lessons explain fund investing concepts with tips and illustrative graphics
Quizzes test your knowledge and reinforce lessons
Worksheets allow you to put into practice what you’ve learned to strengthen your portfolio
Fearless Facts ensure you are using and profiting from the skills you’ve acquired
Workbooks can be used individually or as a sequential series
Mutual Fund Series Available Now
Mutual Funds 1: Find the Right Mutual Fund
This beginning-level workbook shows you how to find mutual funds that best meet your investing objectives.
Mutual Funds 2: Diversify Your Fund Portfolio
This intermediate-level workbook explains and illustrates how to build a diverse and profitable fund portfolio.
Mutual Funds 3: Maximize Your Fund Returns
In this workbook you'll learn how to maximize your investments by rebalancing your portfolio, calculating your personal rate of return, and more.
Publication Details
Series of three softcover workbooks, each available individually or as a set
Approximately 240 pages each
Author: Christine Benz, Morningstar associate director of fund analysis
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