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Morningstar® Self-Study Investing Workshops explain investing topics in depth, in an easy-to-follow format. The workshops are available online as downloadable files to save right to your desktop. Or, you can print out to work on later. Exercises aid in understanding a topic, and you can use your own portfolio to complete them, providing an efficient resource that instructs you and improves your portfolio at the same time.
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Key Features
Work at your own pace
Take workshop print-outs with you to learn whenever and wherever it’s convenient
Use your own portfolio during lessons for real-time applications
Get plain-English instruction on specific topics
Receive a complimentary 30-day Morningstar.com® Premium Membership with any workshop purchase (not available for current Premium Members)
Investing Workshop Topics Available
Seven Sins of Mutual Fund Investing
Turn your "sinful" collection of mutual funds into a "virtuous" portfolio—one that generates the greatest amount of after-tax, after-cost return for your risk tolerance and goals.
See the importance of and learn how to develop a sound investing plan
Learn how to better assess risk and diversify your portfolio
Gain from ways to develop a miserly approach to expenses
Master our Stewardship Grade and learn how to recognize truly independent oversight
Harden your resistance to the siren song of trendy funds
Improve your ability to uncover tax-efficient funds
Develop techniques for monitoring and rebalancing your portfolio
Five Steps to a Perfect Portfolio
Understand your portfolio on every level and learn how to make it work for you.
Rebalance your portfolio to better meet your financial objectives
Uncover stock and fund gems others miss
Discover how to reduce your tax bill
Smart Ways to Benefit from Exchange-Traded Funds
This workshop explains ETFs, one of today’s hottest investment vehicles, and how to incorporate them into your portfolio.
Gain a solid understanding of the ins and outs of ETFs, from inception to present day varieties like iShares, Diamonds, and SPDRs
Understand the advantages and disadvantages of ETFs vs. managed and index funds
Learn how to improve your portfolio, buy, and diversify with ETFs
The Busy Woman’s Plan for Investing Success
Women on-the-go will learn investment strategies with this workshop.
Set attainable financial goals and harness the power of asset allocation
Get specific guidance for various stages of life, whether single, married, divorced, or widowed
Pick stocks and funds that meet your goals and fit the allocations you set
Use Morningstar.com Portfolio X-Ray® to fine-tune your portfolio
Know the benefits of specialty investments (life insurance, 529 college savings plans, IRAs, and more)
Monitor your portfolio like a pro even if you're strapped for time
Advanced Stock-Picking Techniques: The Fat Pitch
This workshop uncovers how to find the best out-of-favor stocks and ride them to great gains.
Spot the right time to move contrary to the crowd
Find companies with wide economic moats—these are the competitive powerhouses in their industries
Master the concept of Margin of Safety so your investment is never a gamble and you're always protected
Know the smart move when you can't find a fat pitch stock
Understand compounding and how it will increase your profits over time
5 Steps to Better Stock-Picking
This workshop reveals the same principles employed by legendary investors, like Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch, to find winning stocks.
Understand and use the principles of great investors
Identify companies with nearly insurmountable economic advantages
Avoid red flag stocks from companies that could cost you a fortune
The Essentials of Confident Bond Investing
This workshop demystifies bond investments to fortify and stabilize your portfolio.
Determine if bonds have a place in your portfolio and how much you should allocate to them
Nail down the elusive concepts of rate sensitivity, inverse price movement, and duration
Understand bond investing risk and bond ratings
Learn how to limit your expenses and significantly improve your results
Master a complete, step-by-step strategy for selecting the bond fund best for you
The ABCs of College Savings Plans
This workshop helps you determine your best college savings plan while examining the advantages and disadvantages of a dozen different programs.
Section 529 Savings Plans
Section 529 Prepaid Tuition Programs
Coverdell Education Savings Accounts
Uniform Transfer to Minors Act
Uniform Gifts to Minors Act
Saving in Parents' Names
2503c Minor's Trust
IRA Withdrawal
Savings Bonds
Hope Scholarships
Lifetime Learning Credits
Tuition Tax Deductions
Profiting with Socially Responsible Funds
Discover how to find the best socially responsible funds with this workshop.
Evaluate whether and what types of socially responsible funds are right for you
Learn how to use socially responsible funds in your current portfolio
Build a diversified and profitable portfolio composed solely of socially responsible funds
Use a variety of Morningstar.com evaluative tools, including our Premium Fund Screener and Portfolio X-Ray
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