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Plan Evaluation and Design
Morningstar Associates’ investment professionals have extensive knowledge in a variety of investment types. They are experts at effectively assessing investment products, providing detailed analyses of investment lineups, and making comprehensive recommendations for improvements. They can also design plans or models from the ground up—understanding the elements required in an exceptional investment lineup.
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Precision processes: Qualitative and quantitative evaluation
Morningstar Associates' investment professionals work with clients to define performance goals and efficiently evaluate opportunities to improve current products or create new offerings. They apply specialized processes and proprietary methodologies in recommending asset class structures and performing investment lineup evaluations. A qualitative and quantitative evaluation process identifies investments that satisfy a large number of return, risk, style, and expense characteristics. Information can be converted into portfolio/plan diagnosis reports and instructive communication materials.
Investment Policy Statements: Establish criteria and benchmarks
Our investment professionals can assist in developing and implementing Investment Policy Statements, often critical to the successful management of defined contribution plan investments. By establishing criteria and benchmarks and describing investment decision-making procedures, clients can better manage fiduciary responsibility and clearly communicate with plan participants.
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