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Manager Search
Leading the process for identifying high-quality investment managers, Morningstar Associates' investment professionals define the role of that manager's product within an overall investment structure. Through extensive industry experience and due diligence, we identify the strengths and weaknesses of managers to find the best fit within a retirement plan, investment lineup, or product offering.
Morningstar Associates
Manager searches: An independent perspective
Morningstar Associates' investment professionals can assist in selecting an appropriate fund manager, sub-advisor, or variable insurance trust manager. With proprietary methodologies and access to Morningstar’s comprehensive holdings-based database, investment professionals analyze prior performance records, manager tenure, and style consistency to identify the best managers within any investment category. Morningstar Associates' investment professionals can also establish benchmarks to measure success.
Product perspective: Knowing the advantages and pitfalls
Our investment professionals have experience in a wide range of managed products, including mutual funds, variable annuity/life subaccounts, closed-end funds, commingled funds, and separate accounts. They are familiar with the many investment styles and substyles—and their advantages and pitfalls. They also track portfolio managers and are well-versed in the strengths and weaknesses of the thousands of money management firms.
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