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Investment Monitoring
Morningstar Associates' investment professionals are experienced in monitoring investments according to a range of criteria and reporting their findings to clients on an ongoing basis. Institutional clients use this information as a critical component of making prudent investment decisions and maintaining a sound investment lineup that meets investors’ needs.
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In-depth analysis: Ongoing, active investment monitoring
Our investment professionals continuously monitor retirement plan lineups or other sets of investments. They conduct style and attribution analyses and can customize their analysis to address specific client questions. They can also create a “watch list” when a negative development has occurred and provide clients with detailed reasoning behind the watch-list status, as well as with follow-up recommendations if the problem persists.
Detailed reports: Support decision-making and implementation
The findings from our monitoring efforts are put into comprehensive reports for institutional clients and stakeholders. Customizable board reports that evaluate fees and other factors are also available. Presentations and reports from our investment professionals foster understanding and support decision-making and implementation.
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