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Working in conjunction with Morningstar’s Asset Allocation Committee, our investment professionals can create a fund-of-funds program or other set of asset allocations that meets the needs and demographics of a specific investor type. Asset-class recommendations or specific investment category levels can also be developed for advisors to use during planning discussions with their clients.
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Asset allocation: Category identification and asset-class recommendations
Our asset allocation services are guided by an understanding of how to best educate and empower investors. We use our goals-based Asset Allocator Program to assist investment professionals in determining a client’s risk tolerance, time horizon, and long-term objectives. This customized approach is used to determine a high-level allocation or identify specific levels of investment categories. Through the Asset Allocation Strategist, the team offers consulting for funds-of-funds offerings at the institutional level.
User-friendly communications: Sales and investor brochures
Morningstar Associates' investment professionals can work with clients to create an enhanced marketing story around an asset allocation program. The instructive, easy-to-understand materials explain a recommended asset allocation and why it makes sense given an investor’s goals and risk questionnaire score.
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