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Enhanced Investment Services
The focus of every Morningstar Associates solution is to build a strong relationship with clients based on achieving defined goals. Our investment professionals deliver a range of services that identify needs, foster communication, share knowledge and insight, and support long-term success. Specialized skills and resources can be applied to enhance in-house capabilities and respond to ongoing organizational needs.
Ongoing support: Meeting every challenge
Morningstar Associates is experienced in every aspect of investment product development and management. This can be a valuable asset for clients as they plan and address the needs of internal and external audiences. With direct access to our investment professionals, clients can gain insight and advice as well as planned involvement in rollout and management programs. Specific services involve training advisors and sales teams, reporting to company management, and attending board and trustee meetings.
Strategic communication: Co-branded marketing materials
Communication is a critical component of successfully launching products and services, and Morningstar Associates can help plan and deliver specific materials or comprehensive communication plans. We can also provide a wide variety of co-branded communication materials, including brochures, online content, presentations, and joint press releases.
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