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Service Options
Morningstar® Retirement Manager is a flexible advice and managed accounts program that gives plan sponsors the choice of how to best serve their diverse plan participants with the security of fiduciary support. Built on a deep understanding of individual investors, Morningstar Retirement Manager unites our proprietary investment methodology with an engaging user experience for all types of participants. Plan sponsors can offer one service option or bundle them together to help participants manage their retirement accounts for a lifetime—from preparing for retirement to turning their savings into steady income.
Morningstar Retirement Manager offers these service options:
Managed by You Personalized Advice
Our Managed by You advice service allows plan participants to manage their own accounts while providing them with point-in-time recommendations. Based on each participant’s situation, the service determines a personalized retirement income projection and goal. It also includes recommendations for the participant’s savings rate and portfolio. Plan sponsors can benefit from fiduciary support with our Managed by You option, where we serve as a registered investment advisor to the participant as defined in section 3(21)(a)(ii) of ERISA.
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Managed by Morningstar Managed Accounts
Managed by Morningstar is our managed accounts option that offers professional investment management to plan participants. Participants benefit from personalized recommendations and ongoing oversight from our investment professionals who review participant portfolios quarterly. Participants stay in touch with their retirement accounts through regular progress reports detailing retirement goals and portfolio performance. For the Managed by Morningstar managed accounts option, we serve as a fiduciary and investment manager as defined in section 3(38) of ERISA. Plan sponsors can also use our managed accounts as a qualified default investment alternative (QDIA), providing additional fiduciary relief under the Pension Protection Act of 2006 and the amendment of ERISA section 404(c).
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Morningstar® Retirement Manager with Income Secure
For participants nearing or currently in retirement, plan sponsors can add Income Secure to either the Managed By You advice or Managed by Morningstar managed accounts service. Available since 2006, this personalized service integrates rigorous methodologies and concepts such as patented human capital and asset allocation methodologies, dynamic withdrawal amounts, and liability-driven investing. Participants receive dynamic recommendations for a sustainable withdrawal amount and a tax-efficient drawdown of available income sources. Income Secure can easily accommodate a range of in-plan annuity products.
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