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Experience and Results
Morningstar® Retirement Manager is just one of the retirement solutions created by the professionals of the Morningstar Investment Management division. We also offer plan sponsor fiduciary services and Ibbotson Target-Date Solutions. Millions of plan participants have had access to our independent advice and managed accounts service since 2002. With approximately $157 billion in assets under advisement and management, the Morningstar Investment Management division brings sophisticated academic ideas to life in practical ways that address the challenges our clients and investors face.

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With decades of innovative asset allocation research and expertise in manager selection under their belts, the investment professionals of the Morningstar Investment Management division serve more than 212,000 plans across 25 plan providers. Our retirement planning services are available to more than 24 million plan participants. (Data as of March 30, 2013)

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Our Results
Based on our analysis, we've found that participants enrolled in our managed accounts service save more, are better diversified and more appropriately allocated for their situation, and have more retirement income. Our case studies below highlight these results.

Improving Participant Engagement: Morningstar Retirement Manager Case Study  

Making the Case for Managed Accounts  
Featured Research: Increasing Retirement Income
New research from the Morningstar Investment Management division, “Alpha, Beta, and Now… Gamma,” defines the value of making better financial planning decisions. The paper introduces the concept “Gamma,” which quantifies the additional expected retirement income that comes from making better financial planning decisions. These techniques are applied to our retirement products.

Researchers David Blanchett and Paul Kaplan focused on five fundamental financial planning decisions and techniques: optimal asset allocation based on total wealth; dynamic withdrawal strategy; product allocation (e.g., guaranteed income products versus traditional investment products); tax-efficient allocation and drawdown; and liability-driven investing.

Read the complete paper, “Alpha, Beta, and Now… Gamma” 
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