Morningstar® Reprints and Permissions
Objective content to enhance communication initiatives.
Efficient Communications
Content Sources and Implementation
Efficient Communications
Morningstar® Reprints and Permissions can support marketing initiatives, highlight the strengths of specific investments, educate existing customers, add credibility to communications, and provide new customers with a level of comfort that can come only from Morningstar. Reprints and licensed content also provide marketers with an economical method of using Morningstar information in full compliance with international copyright statutes.
Multiple uses: For direct mail, presentations, and websites
Clients can use Reprints and Permissions for a variety of marketing and educational applications, such as direct mail campaigns, websites, or company publications and seminars. Morningstar information licensed for these purposes can originate from our Analyst Reports, articles and commentary, graphs, or quotes from Morningstar sources.
Brand recognition: Provide information from a trusted source
Morningstar is one of the most recognized brands in the investment industry—and Morningstar resources are widely respected by investors, advisors, researchers, academics, and leaders in the investment community. Using Morningstar Reprints and Permissions immediately distinguishes content from competitive materials and provides investors with an objective, third-party perspective.
Economical alternative: Licensing streamlines content development
Morningstar Reprints and Permissions are cost-effective ways to enhance marketing, advertising, and public relations campaigns. Morningstar's award-winning design and engaging writing style make these solutions an economical alternative to developing content in-house or licensing from other sources.
The right solution: Morningstar experts make it easy
Clients work directly with Morningstar’s client service team to identify content options, prepare materials to meet technical requirements, and ensure on-time delivery. Morningstar’s knowledgeable team can discuss a range of resources and has extensive experience in developing solutions for any media application.
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