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Uses of Our Indexes
Uses of Our Indexes
Transparent methodologies, objective rules, and a name that evokes trust and confidence among investors worldwide make Morningstar® Indexes perfect vehicles for a range of investment applications. Morningstar Indexes balance market coverage with liquidity and optimally rebalance holdings to minimize turnover. Asset management firms work with our team of experts to create distinct, investor-focused products based on our indexes. Morningstar Indexes also serve as precise benchmarks for evaluating performance, supporting asset allocation strategies, and putting global markets into context.
What you can do:
Build investment products
Exchange-traded funds
Mutual funds
Structured products
Unit investment trusts
Closed-end funds
Morningstar licenses its indexes to qualified institutional clients as the basis for creating investable products. We work closely with clients to determine how we can apply the diverse resources in the Morningstar Investment Research Ecosystem to meet their needs and objectives.
Use data for research and benchmarking
More than 50 unique data elements including index closing values, total returns, risk statistics, sector breakdown, and index-level fundamental data are available for licensing. Constituent name, weights, prices, market cap, and free-float values are also offered daily or monthly. A separate file with details on all corporate actions impacting the index constituents is available each business day. Back history data can also be made available.

See the Morningstar Indexes Data License for more information 

Morningstar Indexes can also serve as an alternative to other indexes. Morningstar’s Correlation Analyzer tool lets users compare third-party indexes with applicable Morningstar Indexes.

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Develop precise asset allocations
Morningstar Indexes act as discrete building blocks that help with portfolio construction. Investment professionals use our indexes to clearly draw distinctions between stock styles, then apply this information to fine-tune risk exposure by allocating assets into relevant asset classes.
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