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Morningstar® Licensed Tools and Content offer many advantages: content is driven by Morningstar’s extensive investment databases; commentary is objective and trusted; featured editorial is updated daily; and ready-to-use tools can be implemented quickly. Clients can select from a wide range of standard tools and editorial content, or Morningstar can tailor products to meet strategic and technical requirements.
Customized products: Performance for specific needs
Many Morningstar tools can be modified to analyze a particular set of investments, focus on client-defined data points, or perform calculations required by specific products or services. Companies can also integrate popular proprietary applications, such as Portfolio X-Ray® and Hypothetical Illustrator, to strengthen analytical and diagnostic capabilities.
Proprietary database: Controlling the data enhances client solutions
Morningstar tools are powered by Morningstar’s proprietary investment database that includes comprehensive information on more than 290,000 securities. Nearly all data is from primary sources and the depth of information on each security is extensive. By controlling the underlying data and methodologies, Morningstar can best address the strategic demands and technical requirements of each client.
User-friendly formats: Satisfying the demands of beginners and professionals
All content is presented in a clear, easy-to-use format and is designed to appeal to novice and sophisticated users alike. Explanatory text, definitions, and more in-depth data descriptions are just a click away. And, Morningstar Licensed Tools and Content help keep websites current and more relevant for customers.
Recognized source: Individuals and industry leaders rely on Morningstar
Morningstar Licensed Tools and Content utilize proven features and functionality from Morningstar.com® and advisor tools. Morningstar’s ability to create powerful tools for individual investors is evident given the popularity of Morningstar.com,
with 5.6 million registered users and more than 177,000 paid subscribers. They know they can rely on Morningstar tools and content for researching, planning, and monitoring investments. These tools are frequently highlighted as some of the best investing tools on the web by financial publications such as Forbes and Barron’s.

Morningstar also has significant expertise in creating tools that financial advisors find useful and relevant. More than 60,000 advisors in the United States currently have access to Morningstar Licensed Tools. Tiburon Strategic Advisors, a research-based consulting firm, ranked Morningstar as the leading provider of investment research and data, financial planning software, and asset allocation software.
Industry solutions: Responding to the unique demands of each client
For banks, fund companies, broker-dealers, media companies and portals, retirement plan providers and sponsors, and other organizations providing investment information, Morningstar can expand content, enhance information, or provide a complete suite of online resources.
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