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For advisors and investors, setting up a portfolio and managing investments to meet individual goals requires access to information and tools to assess performance against benchmarks. Morningstar’s Portfolio Management Tools excel at providing all the information a professional demands and all the innovation required to make the products easy to use.
For advisors:
Portfolio and Security Alerts
Track portfolio attributes and individual stocks and funds
Easily set and revise alerts
Licensed Tools and Content
These alerts allow advisors to stay informed of shifts or unexpected jumps in individual stocks and funds that are in a portfolio or being considered for purchase. Advisors can track a portfolio by attributes, including asset allocation, Morningstar Style Box™ diversification, expenses, and stock sector. Individual stocks and funds can be monitored by performance and portfolio changes, and adjustments such as splits and distributions.
For advisors and individuals:
Instant X-Ray
Analyze portfolios at a glance
Compare portfolios to S&P 500
Licensed Tools and Content
Instant X-Ray allows investors to analyze their portfolio across eight criteria, including asset allocation, style box diversification, and sector and country exposure. Or they can compare portfolios to the S&P 500 by stock type, fees and expenses, price-to-earnings, and price-to-book ratios.
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