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Finding the right investment options within the thousands of securities available can be time-consuming and challenging. Morningstar’s Investment Planning Tools are easy to use and highly efficient, producing the insight and clarity that can lead to smart decisions. The tools fully utilize Morningstar’s experience in collecting investment data, analyzing securities, and creating products that empower individuals to manage their investments. Advisors can use the Investment Planning Tools to actively monitor current plan portfolios and cost alternatives to ensure that fiduciary responsibility is exercised.
For advisors:
New! A-Z List Tool
Search Investment Profiles™ by ticker or name
Quickly browse for target securities
Licensed Tools and Content
The A - Z List Tool provides immediate access to Investment Profiles on over 20,500 open-end mutual funds, 7200 stocks, and 600 ETFs in the Morningstar database. Users can browse the list or use the built-in search tool to find specific securities by ticker or name.
Morningstar® Advisor Defined Contribution Tool
Present comprehensive analysis of a current or proposed retirement plan
Actively monitor plan portfolios to ensure fiduciary responsibilities are met
Easily compare performance and fees to support recommendations
Licensed Tools and Content
With the Defined Contribution Tool, advisors can review complete plans at the portfolio level, not just individual investment types. Access a broad array of independent data and research to create diversified plan lineups and monitor existing plans. Use the Plan Status Report to analyze a plan’s composition including specific securities, performance measures, and rankings. Use the Plan Comparison Report to compare proposed and existing plans side by side based on composition and style.
For advisors and individuals:
Investment Profiles™
Cover a variety of investments
Feature proprietary Morningstar data and analysis
Consistent presentation across investment types
Licensed Tools and Content
Morningstar's comprehensive online Investment Profiles™ are a one-stop source for timely data and research on a variety of investments including mutual funds, stocks, variable annuities, 529 college savings plans, custom funds, and separate accounts.

A complete research tool, Investment Profiles present proprietary statistics and performance, portfolio, and operations information in a clear, easy-to-understand tabular format. They include proprietary data such as the Morningstar Rating™, Morningstar Style Box™, Morningstar Return, Morningstar Risk, and Morningstar Category. Investment Profiles are essential resources for advisors and investors in evaluating specific investment vehicles and making meaningful comparisons and sound investment decisions.
IRA Calculator
Determine contribution limits
Compare various IRA scenarios
Evaluate advantages of Traditional IRAs to Roth IRAs
Licensed Tools and Content
The IRA Calculator allows investors to sort through the complexities of IRA investing and identify the best IRA solution for their specific needs and circumstances. There are three separate calculators. For Eligibility, a few simple inputs show users how much can be contributed to a Roth or Traditional IRA. For Comparison, users can compare various scenarios to find out which type of IRA works best in a particular situation. For Conversion, users can evaluate whether or not it makes sense to convert a Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA.
Bond Calculator
Determine income and tax implications
Compare investing in taxable or municipal bonds
Licensed Tools and Content
The Bond Calculator helps users determine income and tax implications of various bond investment options. This application includes two functions—the Yield to Maturity feature calculates the total return of a bond based on value, coupon rate, and maturity date, and the Tax-Equivalent Yield feature helps users determine if they are better off investing in taxable or municipal bonds.
Stock, Fund, and ETF Quickrank
Basic screening tools use pre-defined ranking fields
Choose a fund category or stock sector
Licensed Tools and Content
The Stock, Fund, and ETF Quickrank tools sort stocks and funds using Morningstar-selected screens or basic “top-level” category and performance criteria, including returns, Morningstar Rating, and price-to-earnings ratio.
Stock, Fund, ETF, and 529 Plan Screeners
Screening tools allow for user-defined screens
Analyst Insights assist users in determining criteria
Multiple results views provide a vast amount of investment information
Licensed Tools and Content
The Stock and Fund Screeners enable users to sort through the thousands of securities to find the ones best suited for them. Users can define their own screens, including fund group, Morningstar Category, and Stock Grades. Or, they can select from pre-populated Morningstar screens, including Long-Term Winners, Little Funds with Big Returns, and Solid Small-Growth Stocks.

The ETF Screener covers all ETFs in the database, helping users to quickly narrow down the ETF universe to the select few that meet their needs. The 529 Plan Screener allows investors to screen for the most appropriate plans and view information by plan overview, fees and expenses, purchase information, and state tax information.

Advanced Stock and Fund Screeners
Customizable tools include hundreds of screening criteria
Criteria selection include operators such as “equal to” and “greater than” for more precise screens
Licensed Tools and Content
Morningstar’s Advanced Stock and Fund Screeners allow investors and advisors to develop custom fund and stock screens from an extensive amount of selection criteria. These tools give investors more flexibility and screening criteria than traditional screeners.
Fund, Stock, and 529 Plan Compare
Morningstar-created comparison lists
Comprehensive results views such as Snapshot, Stock Grades, Financials, Performance, and Valuation
Licensed Tools and Content
The Fund, Stock, and 529 Plan Compare tools allow users to quickly evaluate funds against one another to see which have the highest returns, the highest Morningstar Rating, the lowest expense ratios, and much more.
Investment Radar
Spot market trends as they develop
Determine the investment style of stocks and funds
Licensed Tools and Content
Investment Radar employs the Morningstar Style Box™ and scatterplot graphing to locate individual investments amid a universe of securities. Users are able to determine the investment styles of stocks and funds they currently own, or research comparable alternatives.
Cost Analyzer
Evaluate stocks, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds
Determine cost-effective choices
Licensed Tools and Content
Cost Analyzer enables users to determine which stocks, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds save the most money over a selected time period, or to see the savings result if the security was sold. This tool factors in a variety of costs, including expense ratios, commissions, and loads.
Asset Allocator
Assess the probability of reaching financial goals
Use “what if” scenarios
Licensed Tools and Content
With this interactive tool, investors can assess the probability of meeting specific financial goals—such as purchasing a new home, funding a child’s education, or reaching retirement—based on their current financial situation. Using “what if” scenarios, users can see the affect of altering a current strategy by increasing monthly investments, lengthening time horizons, and/or investing more aggressively.
Portfolio Allocator
Rebalance asset allocation
Receive recommended changes
Licensed Tools and Content
The Portfolio Allocator allows the investor to re-allocate their portfolio and view the updated results compared to a Morningstar-generated best-fit model. The information featured includes asset allocation, investment style, and sector allocation comparisons.
Trade Analyzer
Evaluate transaction costs
Determine tax consequences
Licensed Tools and Content
Trade Analyzer is designed to help users analyze whether it makes sense to replace an existing security given the transaction costs and tax consequences involved. The tool calculates the final value of holding onto and replacing a security, and the potential benefit, or downside, of completing the trade.
Risk Analyzer
Evaluate portfolio risk level
See how holdings contribute to risk
Licensed Tools and Content
With Risk Analyzer, users can review how their portfolio holdings impact their portfolio’s risk level. See how each holding contributes to the overall risk of a portfolio and just how much a portfolio might lose in down markets.
Similar Funds
Enter ticker symbol to quickly locate similar funds
Evaluate current holdings or recommendations
Licensed Tools and Content
Similar Funds helps find mutual funds that are comparable to ones that are already owned or that an investor wants to buy. Comparisons are based upon the portfolio, performance, and overall similarity. For example, if a user discovers that a fund is closed to new investors or has a minimum investment requirement that puts it beyond reach, this tool will help find a similar fund that meets their investment criteria.
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