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Morningstar’s Investment Education Content gives investors the insight to determine which investments may be worth investigating because they have a low price compared to their projected earnings, or other attractive characteristics. The content is prepared by Morningstar experts to address every level of investor—from explaining investment basics to implementing more sophisticated concepts. Plus, Morningstar speaks to investors in a language they can understand with information that builds confidence. Investment Education Content is an ideal resource for a retirement website or an employee education center on a company Intranet site.
For advisors and individuals:
Investing Classroom
Includes stock and mutual fund educational tracks—each consisting of multiple levels of courses and quizzes
Builds site loyalty and encourages repeat visits
Licensed Tools and Content
The Investing Classroom takes users through a variety of courses that will help them build and improve their investment portfolios. In this application users take a series of online lessons, each consisting of multiple levels of increasing difficulty. Within each level there are approximately 10 courses with corresponding quizzes to help gauge learning.
Self-Study Investing Workshops
Many investment topics
Users learn at their own pace
Workshops can be downloaded for convenient access
Licensed Tools and Content
Self-study investing workshops allow participants to educate themselves on the latest investing techniques—at their own pace and on their own schedule. Morningstar workshops cover a variety of topics such as stock selection, bond investing, and college savings plans. Each workshop consists of several lessons and exercises to gauge comprehension of a topic.
Morningstar Syndicated Editorial
Exclusive editorial from Morningstar analysts
Fund and stock editorial may be combined into a general investing center or separated into stock and fund centers
Licensed Tools and Content
Morningstar editorial content is highly respected in the industry, and the quality of the stock and mutual fund research and opinions generated by Morningstar analysts is sought after by both national and international publications. Morningstar editorial content features a unique combination of timely news analysis and commentary on topics such as retirement, funds, stocks, and markets. Morningstar provides a unique view on the financial news of the day and offers insights on how the news will affect investors.
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