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By delivering a consistent level of independent analysis, companies can meet the needs of advisors and individuals while streamlining development costs. Morningstar analysis is widely recognized and used by professionals and individuals who are motivated and research-driven. With Morningstar analysis, you have the opportunity to engage, educate, and inform with information that is presented in a consistent, accessible format.
For advisors:
Fund Analyst Reports
Morningstar analysts track more than 1,900 funds and provide buy/sell recommendations with detailed performance, risk, portfolio, and management information. In easy-to-access tabs, advisors can find a wealth of detail that is used to evaluate a fund based on specific criteria. Along with comprehensive financial information, advisors will find the Morningstar Rating™ for Funds and, when available, a Morningstar® Stewardship Grade. The reports are widely used in every stage of the investment process—from evaluating opportunities to monitoring performance.
Stock Analyst Reports
Using a logically consistent framework, Morningstar analysts evaluate more than 2,100 stocks to determine if they are a buy, hold, or sell. Morningstar Stock Analyst Reports contain elements of our proprietary methodology for evaluating companies, including the Morningstar Rating for Stocks, Economic Moat, Fair Value Estimate, and Consider Buying and Consider Selling prices. The reports also include analysts’ opinions, historical returns, performance charts, owners, and company news. The result is a report that advisors use to quickly access key information, assess performance, perform meaningful comparisons, and make sound investment decisions.
For advisors and individuals:
Fund Analyst Picks & Pans lists
Morningstar analysts scrutinize the funds they cover to come up with a handful of favorites for each category. The list is constantly updated to reflect fund closings, manager changes, and other issues that arise. Morningstar commentary explains the rationale behind the picks in each category. In compiling a list of Fund Analyst Pans, analysts look for some combination of ineffective management, high costs, poor performance, or flawed strategy. Some pans are to be avoided while others are simply below-average funds without any strong suits.
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