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Morningstar® Licensed Tools and Content keep a website or advisor platform fresh and useful with dynamic, in-depth, and timely content that speaks to your audience. It’s a complete solution that includes an excellent selection of resources, dedicated account management teams, and outstanding technical support. You’ll work directly with Morningstar product specialists who are experienced in achieving goals for a variety of businesses.
Account services: From inquiry to implementation
Morningstar’s account team can assist clients throughout the process of selecting, planning, and implementing Licensed Tools and Content. This level of involvement streamlines development time and ensures that each client gets a solution that meets business goals and technical requirements. Ongoing communication allows clients to maximize the value of their investment and modify or expand their offerings to meet audience demands.
Technical support: Product specialists who understand the issues
Morningstar developers and programmers create Morningstar tools and are able to customize them to meet client needs. Clients can rely on Morningstar’s product specialists to answer data questions, train internal teams on functionality, and seamlessly integrate tools and content into a platform.
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