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More than 177,000 investors subscribe to Premium Membership. Content expands continuously to address every level of investor—from beginners learning investment fundamentals to savvy individual investors looking for in-depth data. Premium Members have access to more than 20 additional services, including detailed analyses of more than 4,000 funds and stocks, advanced screening tools, and in-depth portfolio management resources.
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Premium Membership provides access to all areas of Morningstar.com®. Premium areas of Morningstar.com are designated by a sign.
Winning investments: Find the right stocks and funds
Morningstar's formula for investing success is simple: Provide Premium Members with powerful tools for narrowing down the field of stocks and funds to the very best. Then provide the resources to determine what to buy, what to sell, and when to do it.
Stock and Mutual Fund Analyst Reports
Obtain insight and buy/sell recommendations from Morningstar analysts on more than 4,000 funds and stocks.
Morningstar Rating™ for Stocks
Understand if a stock’s risk-adjusted return potential is high, medium, or low.
Fair Value Estimates
See if a stock is over-, under-, or appropriately valued.
Premium Stock and Fund Screeners
Customize and save important search criteria to quickly pinpoint relevant investments.
Analyst Picks and Pans
See Morningstar stock and fund experts’ choices of what’s hot and what’s not.
Stock Analyst Notes
Read Morningstar analysts’ takes on worthy stocks in the news.
Stewardship Grade for Stocks and Funds
See which stocks and funds are shareholder friendly.
Portfolio optimization: Premium tools provide greater insight
For Premium Members, an expanded suite of portfolio management tools provides more opportunities to evaluate investments, see inside a portfolio, and understand the impact of buy/sell decisions.
Portfolio X-Ray®
Give a portfolio a thorough eight-point analysis instantly, including asset allocation, sector and international exposure, and more.
X-Ray Interpreter
See an impartial assessment of a portfolio’s investment objective, how it compares with similar portfolios, and how to adjust it for more diversification.
Stock Intersection
Discover how much of a stock you own individually and through mutual funds.
Similar Funds
Find funds that are similar to other funds of interest—or whether a fund under consideration is too similar to one you already own.
Asset Allocator
Assess the probability of reaching a specific financial goal.
Risk Analyzer
Review how portfolio holdings affect a portfolio’s overall risk level.
Trade Analyzer
Understand the tax and cost consequences of replacing a security in a portfolio.
Cost Analyzer
Determine which securities save the most money over a selected time period.
Stay informed: Set alerts and sign up for Morningstar newsletters
Morningstar.com Premium Membership makes it easy to stay informed about investments. Alerts are delivered by email to notify an investor if there are significant changes in the holdings they specify. And Premium E-newsletters provide exclusive insight in a concise, professional format.
Stock and Fund Alerts
Monitor significant events among individual stocks and funds.
Portfolio X-Ray Alerts
Stay informed of shifts or unexpected jumps in a portfolio.
Premium E-newsletters
Choose from a range of e-newsletters featuring Morningstar analysts’ opinions on stocks, funds, and the market.
Intraday Price Quotes
Receive alerts while the markets are open when stocks or funds hit pre-determined price points.
Subscription rates: Options for monthly or multi-year membership
Select a monthly membership or save on yearly and multi-year rates. Plus, a free 14-day trial gives users the opportunity to explore all the features of Premium Membership before they select the best subscription choice.
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