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Morningstar® DividendInvestor™ helps investors find high-quality, high-dividend stocks to fortify their portfolios. This newsletter identifies these stocks by examining three factors: whether the dividend is safe, whether it can grow, and what it's worth. Each issue features real-money model Portfolios—which contain Morningstar's favorite high-dividend stocks and updates on stock transactions.
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Real-world application of strategy in two Morningstar-funded portfolios: Our Harvest and Builder Portfolios are real money portfolios full of high dividend stocks selected for safety, yield, and growth
Income Bellwethers: The top 100 dividend-paying stocks
The Dividend Drill: Evaluating long-term total returns using our proprietary formula for estimating a stock's dividend growth
Hard-hitting editorial and analysis
Watch lists of stocks to buy, hold, and sell
Expertise of 100+ Morningstar analysts
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Preview the current issue risk-free
Companion website, mdi.morningstar.com
Transaction alerts
Intra-issue emails with market updates
Available in print or as a downloadable PDF
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Each issue is 20 pages
One-year subscription contains 12 issues, plus free bonus reports
Editor: Josh Peters, CFA, Morningstar equities income strategist and editor
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