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Graham Stott
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Seven Investment Management
Seven Investment Management is a London-based firm offering discretionary asset management, funds-of-funds portfolios, and a wrap platform for independent advisors.
Seven Investment Management
Tailored advisor tool
Ninety-nine percent of our clients are referred to us by independent financial advisors who work with high-net-worth individuals. Our investment approach emphasizes broad diversification through asset classes, from stocks, bonds, and cash to commodities, private equity, and infrastructure. We were looking for a data provider to help us develop a unique solution that would enable advisors to create broadly diversified asset class portfolios through our wrap platform.

Unparalleled data from one source
We put out an RFP to several companies. The others just couldn’t match Morningstar’s range of data or functionality. Not only did we receive access to Morningstar’s U.K. database, but we were also connected to Morningstar’s institutional U.S. database, which instantly differentiated us in the United Kingdom.
Our platform is a value-added service that allows independent advisors to use the products and services available from Seven Investment Management to view and manage their clients’ investments in a single source. Financial advisors need investment data that’s high-quality, accurate, and timely, and Morningstar delivers on all of these points. It’s also a well-known brand in our market.

The next new development
We look for companies we can partner with to help us grow our business, not just sell us products. Morningstar was able to create a data package that’s unique to our needs. And because of the way Morningstar builds its data feeds, we were able to develop parts of our search engine platform in ways we couldn’t have with a different supplier. We are now looking at products for our research team and advisor tools to build into our current platform.
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Well-rounded platform
Morningstar continues to add data and enhance its data collection processes. Its data has made our offering more complete. Without it, we wouldn’t have as many advisors using our platform as we do.
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