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Kellen Thiel
Director – Advisory Programs
Northwestern Mutual
Known for its world-class life insurance, Northwestern Mutual also offers long-term care insurance, investment services, and wealth management services through its subsidiaries and affiliates.
Northwestern Mutual
People, process, and products
Northwestern Mutual has been helping clients achieve their financial security for 150 years. Several years back, we decided to expand our investment advisory offerings by launching new programs, including a broker wrap, an annuity wrap, and a mutual fund wrap. When developing these programs, we chose to outsource the research functionality. The broker wrap and fund wrap use a research list and portfolios developed by Morningstar Associates to fit our asset allocation models.

Our decision came down to people, process, and products. Morningstar Associates’ people are solid and its investment selection process goes beyond performance. It looks at manager tenure, style, performance consistency, and expenses, while using a quantitative scorecard to weigh these factors. Morningstar Associates’ products help us provide quality investment solutions.
A recognized independent resource
We strive to give our advisors the services and tools they need to make them as effective as possible. So we armed them with the best available independent and unbiased solutions. Morningstar’s brand is widely known by our representatives and their clients, as many of our advisors use other Morningstar products in their businesses.

Research from Morningstar’s equity analysts provides an efficient security selection process. While capable of doing their own research, we know our advisors are most effective at meeting with clients and learning about their financial goals.

Consistent results, multiple advantages
It’s important that we support advisors’ needs and recommendations. By using professionally developed research lists and portfolios,
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our advisors can provide consistent results in helping their clients achieve financial security. This solution is also a time management tool that allows our advisors to leverage their resources to be more efficient.

Our initial advisory solution was launched about one year ago, and we’ve had good results so far. We place a lot of trust and confidence in Morningstar Associates.
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