The Little Book That Builds Wealth
Five Rules for Successful Stock Investing
The Ultimate Dividend Playbook
Comprehensive. Tactical. Insightful.
Dividend investing strategies.
Capital gains aren’t reliable enough to meet the financial needs of many investors, but large, stable, and growing dividends are available that can generate handsome returns for all phases of an investor’s life. The Ultimate Dividend Playbook provides a complete and comprehensive approach for using dividends to meet investing goals. This guidebook written in clear, easy-to-understand language, includes guidance on how dividends are paid, their tax consequences, and specific details on the dividend structure of high-yield partnerships with banks, utilities, and real estate investment trusts.
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In This Book
Learn why dividends are the ultimate source of a stock’s value for shareholders
Find out how successful businesses generate the earnings and cash flow necessary to provided sustainable dividends
Discover how to read the signals that dividend payments send
Learn how to avoid stocks with unreliable dividends
Apply valuation principles to determine if a company’s dividend will provide an attractive total return
Match your investment needs to the right kind of dividend-paying stocks to build a reliable portfolio that provides rising income over time
Read about four high-yield industries and the specific factors that drive their dividend payments
Partial Contents
Chapter 1: Income? From Stocks?
Chapter 2: Dividends, Values, and Returns
Chapter 3: Corporations: Dividend Machines
Chapter 4: Dividend Insight
Chapter 5: Dividends Past, Present, and Projected
Chapter 6: Is it Safe?
Chapter 7: Will it Grow?
Chapter 8: What’s the Return?
Chapter 9: Independence
Chapter 10: Managing a Dividend Portfolio
Chapter 11: The Future of Dividends
Publication Details
368 pages, hardcover
Published in 2008
Author: Josh Peters, Morningstar equity strategist and editor of Morningstar® DividendInvestor™ newsletter
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