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Morningstar® FundInvestor™ gives investors information and insight on 500 of the best and most popular mutual funds carefully selected by Morningstar’s analysts. Morningstar analysts compile a list of 150 Analyst Picks—favorite funds that they like best for long-term growth. Each monthly issue contains extensive data, timely news, and proprietary ratings for every level of investor. This newsletter features three real-life mutual fund portfolios constructed and updated by Morningstar’s senior analyst team.

A companion website is free to FundInvestor subscribers. Here they can obtain intra-daily performance updates on the three portfolios, download the newest edition of FundInvestor prior to its distribution, and post fund investing questions directly to editor Russel Kinnel.
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In Each Issue
Cover Story: FundInvestor editor Russel Kinnel’s thoughts on activity and outlooks in the mutual fund marketplace
Tracking Fund Analyst Picks: A look at our favorite funds’ performance
Morningstar Research: An inside look at a particular company’s funds
The Contrarian: Highlights on good fund managers who don’t make headlines but seek performance
Morningstar FundInvestor 500: Analysts spotlight the month’s biggest fund news, including a market overview, performance highlights, and the latest updates
Leaders & Laggards: A look at the best and worst performing funds
FundInvestor Focused 10 column
Comprehensive market overview
Key Features
Exclusive website for FundInvestor subscribers
Four free reports included with each subscription: Morningstar FundInvestor Owner's Manual, How To Buy a Sector Fund, The Right Way to Buy a Bond Fund, and Managers Who Eat Their Own Cooking
Review first issue risk-free
Available in print or as a downloadable PDF file
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Each issue is 48 pages
One-year subscription contains 12 issues, plus four free reports and access to companion website
Editor: Russel Kinnel, Morningstar director of fund research
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