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Presentations and Sales Ideas
Morningstar® Enterprise Components includes a third-party-authored library of downloadable FINRA-reviewed materials designed to help users build new business. The library features a series of Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations that advisors use to illustrate relevant investment concepts to their clients. It also includes PDF reports that support marketing campaigns by introducing important investment strategies.
Standard materials include:
Integrate a searchable library covering a range of topics
Support advisors with ready-to-use client presentations
Clarify relevant investment topics through simple visual explanations
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Firms can deliver additional value to their clients by offering this library of FINRA-reviewed Microsoft PowerPoint presentations through their websites. Users have a choice of investment topics covering issues ranging from global investing to retirement income that they can review with investors. The presentations contain pre-written scripts to save time and help advisors address investor questions.
Sales Ideas
Help advisors generate new business based on key investment sales strategies
Provide valuable content for advisors to enhance their marketing efforts
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These FINRA-reviewed PDF documents feature investment education and conversation-starters based on timely topics. Firms can post Sales Ideas to their websites to attract users interested in planning marketing campaigns, pursuing new leads, and building business.
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