The Little Book That Builds Wealth
Five Rules for Successful Stock Investing
The Ultimate Dividend Playbook
Clear. Practical. Concise.
Long-term stock investment approach.
The Little Book That Builds Wealth provides a step-by-step guide to finding sound companies to invest in that are prepared to keep their opposition at bay and succeed for the long term. No matter how strong a company may seem on the surface, it can always be susceptible to competitive pressures that quickly erode its place in the market. This easy-to-understand book introduces the concept of economic moats—which protect companies from competitive threats—and uses real-world examples to show their value for investors.
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In This Book
Discover why great products, management, and market share may not add up to a sound investment
Learn how to identify companies with the best protection from competitive threats
Find out how to recognize a wide economic moat when you see one
Learn valuation basics to determine when to buy stocks and when to sell them
Introduction: The Game Plan
Chapter 1: Economic Moats
Chapter 2: Mistaken Moats
Chapter 3: Intangible Assets
Chapter 4: Switching Costs
Chapter 5: The Network Effect
Chapter 6: Cost Advantages
Chapter 7: The Size Advantage
Chapter 8: Eroding Moats
Chapter 9: Finding Moats
Chapter 10: The Big Boss
Chapter 11: Where the Rubber Meets the Road
Chapter 12: What’s a Moat Worth?
Chapter 13: Tools for Valuation
Chapter 14: When to Sell
Conclusion: More than Numbers
Publication Details
200 pages, hardcover
Published in 2008
Part of the Little Book Big Profits series from Wiley on investing, which features writers including Vanguard founder John C. Bogle and Gotham Capital founder Joel Greenblatt
Author: Pat Dorsey, Morningstar director of equity research and author of The Five Rules for Successful Stock Investing; foreword by Joe Mansueto, Morningstar chairman and CEO
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