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About Us
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At Morningstar, we are dedicated not only to the people who work with us, but also to those who live and work around us. We believe our success is deeply rooted in the strength of our communities, and that we all need to give back regularly to keep those communities strong. Our people have always been the greatest asset of our business. They are also our greatest resource for making a positive impact on the world.

Our Outreach Mission
We are known as a trusted source for independent investment research with the mission of helping investors reach their financial goals. Our outreach mission is to give back to the community by using our knowledge and skills to promote education and develop a higher level of financial literacy among young people.

Local Connections
Morningstar’s Employee Volunteerism Team helps shape our plans for achieving our outreach mission. Through this team, we develop the programs that bring our employees together with local schools and organizations dedicated to assisting young people. All of our employees are encouraged to contribute their ideas and may also have an opportunity to join the team.

We’re fortunate to be based in a great city, and we focus our outreach programs around our headquarters in Chicago, where employees from around the world gather throughout the year. The relationships we’ve fostered here give us the best opportunity to make a meaningful difference and achieve our mission of giving back to the communities that support us.

Educational Focus
Current initiatives are centered on promoting education through student mentoring, investment classes, school supply drives, and financial literacy efforts that provide a direct connection with young people of all backgrounds. By giving back to the community on this level, we feel we can apply our strengths as a business and as individuals to guide the young people around us on their paths to success.

More Causes that Matter to You
Morningstar encourages employees to volunteer their time and talents to causes that we believe in. Many of our employees have their own long-standing traditions of volunteering, and Morningstar provides a platform for those individuals to champion various causes, promote them throughout the company, and encourage co-workers to get involved.
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