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Investor Relations
Gozde Ozdemir
Northwestern University
Bachelor of Science, Industrial Engineering and Management Services

Employed since 2002
Product Manager, Global Exchange-Traded Fund Database
"Our unique independent culture is thriving more than ever."
After college, I was planning to work for a consulting company like many other graduates in my field—but then I had a chance to interview with Morningstar. If there is such a thing as love at first sight, this was it. Everyone I talked to at Morningstar was happy and passionate about their jobs, even after many years. That definitely said something about the life here.

I joined the Morningstar Development Program right out of college. The program helped me build on my experience through a rotation of responsibilities, which made me a more well rounded team member. It allowed me to learn about finance, data, client relationships, and sales. I went on to work for several data teams and helped with the integration of our global databases.
With every new position, the high level of entrepreneurial spirit and the eagerness to take on new challenges remained constant.

Then, one day a simple question about the size of the global exchange-traded fund market intrigued me. I started learning more and began compiling a list of global ETFs. Shortly after that, I moved to my current role as Product Manager for the Global ETF Database. Managing a global database requires working with teams around the clock and around the world, but my earlier experiences had prepared me to solve challenging problems in a timely manner.

We’ve continued to grow in size over the years, but our unique independent culture is thriving more than ever.
Morningstar Office Client - "Our unique independent culture is thriving more than ever." | Morningstar U.S
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