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Darren Hepworth
Customer Services Director
TD Waterhouse
Leeds, United Kingdom
TD Waterhouse is a global provider of brokerage, mutual fund, banking, and other consumer financial products for individual investors and financial advisors.
TD Waterhouse
An evolving relationship
A few years ago, we began working with Hemscott, a specialist in U.K. equity data. But, since then, our business had expanded to a point where we needed more research and the tools for trading in more global markets.

We contacted a number of very high-caliber vendors, and Hemscott, after being acquired by Morningstar, was one of them. The competition was tough—it had to be, because we set very high standards. The quality of data and the coverage of global markets were really important to us.

Global presence, personal touch
Morningstar coming into play absolutely changed things. Together with Hemscott, they had that global presence we were looking for.
My initial impression of Morningstar was that it was strong on managed investment data—it’s really proven to be much more.

There’s a personal feel with Morningstar. We’re in the business of delivering a superior experience to our customers and felt that Morningstar could match us on that.

Filling in the gaps
Morningstar is well positioned to help us both today and as we expand into other markets. One key element is Morningstar’s commitment to increasing its coverage. We were reassured that if Morningstar didn’t have coverage in a market we’re entering, its team will make the investment to take care of any gaps.
Morningstar Office Client - TD Waterhouse  | Morningstar U.S
A great way to work
Overall, there’s a genuineness to the people at Morningstar. Beyond being highly responsive and extremely knowledgeable, they are real people who tell it like it is. They think of solutions rather than problems, and I like that.

The world’s challenging enough as it is! You want a team that says, “We know where you want to go with this, how about we do it this way?” That’s a great way to work.
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