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Plug-In for Microsoft Excel
Seamless. Practical. Versatile.
Software plug-in.
The Morningstar plug-in for Microsoft® Excel® efficiently populates comprehensive Morningstar data into Microsoft Excel. Easy-to-use templates automatically pull historical time series data into spreadsheets for tasks such as developing and backtesting custom models, or for conducting peer and trend analyses. Morningstar offers a growing range of templates based on historical time series data including options to analyze prices, dividends, daily return and growth indexes, returns, and ratings.
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Technical Requirements
Key Features
Launches automatically from the Excel menu
Pulls data seamlessly from the Morningstar database, including historical data unavailable elsewhere such as the underlying data for the “growth of an investment” chart
Supports custom research such as in-depth peer and trend analyses
Gives users the freedom to develop their own calculations and adjust the frequency, time period, and currency in analyses
Offers a variety of templates for different kinds of research
Allows users to transpose rows and columns to suit their analyses
Links with Excel’s features so users can create charts, print ranges, and pivot tables
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