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The asset flows capability in Morningstar Direct presents a current view of the investment landscape from a fund distributor’s perspective. It delivers comprehensive estimated asset flow and market share data updated as often as weekly for a range of investment types worldwide. Fund marketing professionals, financial analysts, and the media rely on this data to track trends in the asset management industry. Users gain critical knowledge for performing competitive analyses, developing new products, and marketing managed investments.

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What you can do:
View snapshots of the current investment landscape
Track trends in asset classes and managers
Filter by key distribution channels
Aggregate data by proprietary Morningstar metrics and other criteria
Integrate asset flows data with other features in Morningstar Direct
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Morningstar Direct’s asset flows feature efficiently summarizes market data on a range of investments, providing a comprehensive view of total net assets, market share, and cash flow data. Timely information helps users evaluate investor behavior quickly and identify trends so they can respond to investor needs. A powerful filter allows users to tailor their research by relevant operational and distribution characteristics, including whether an investment is active or passive, its volatility, and distribution channel. Flows and market share can also be aggregated based on proprietary Morningstar lenses such as the Morningstar Rating™, Morningstar categories, and Morningstar® Stewardship Grades.
Access asset flow data for a variety of investments worldwide
Examine asset flows for a range of investment types including separate accounts and hedge funds
Compare up-to-date data in key investment markets worldwide
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Data is available for open-end funds, exchange-traded funds, separate accounts, hedge funds, insurance products, and an expanding range of investment types. In addition to the U.S. market, asset flow data is covered for investment markets including Asia, Europe, Latin America, Canada, and Australia. Our flows are adjusted for mergers and non-recurring events, such as unusual share class conversions or splits. We accommodate reinvested dividends by applying rates based on each fund’s asset class. Liquidated funds are also covered.
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