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David Jobson
Executive Vice President,
Head of Product Development and Analytics
Allianz Global Investors
New York, New York
One of the world’s top five asset management companies, Allianz Global Investors serves approximately 75 million institutions and investors globally.
Allianz Global Investors
Survey the investment landscape
Allianz Global Investors develops successful products by not only scrutinizing the competition—but by taking a good look in the mirror. Morningstar Direct helps David Jobson and his product development team do both, seamlessly supporting their internal processes. “Morningstar Direct integrates easily with the things we do,” says Jobson. “And that contributes to our productivity.”

Fuel product ideas
Positioning new investments for the U.S. retail market begins with competitive analysis in Morningstar Direct. Jobson’s group develops open-end funds, closed-end funds, and separate accounts, managing their complete product life cycles. “We chose Morningstar Direct because of its ease-of-use, the scope of its functionality, and the breadth of its data,” explains Jobson.
“It crosses product lines—it’s not just open-end fund data—and it’s global.”

Surface what’s critical
Morningstar Direct helps Jobson’s team analyze peer funds with speed and precision. “We’re teasing out appropriate information that helps us make decisions and enhances our sales process. Morningstar Direct allows us to quickly distill the things we want to focus on.” He appreciates the ability to build and share custom investment tracking lists, as well as the simplicity of exporting data.

See investments as
customers do

When it comes time to weigh a product’s performance, Morningstar Direct reflects the investment as the market sees it. “A lot of people, including financial advisors, look to Morningstar and use its tools.
Morningstar Office Client - Allianz Global Investors | Morningstar U.S
Morningstar Direct helps Allianz Global Investors understand how the world is viewing us,” says Jobson. “That knowledge is powerful. It’s one of the elements that helps us set our product development and sales strategies.”
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